Why Businesses Need Website


Before answering that question, let me tell you what is your market in the internet world. There are about 500 million people on earth who have internet access. Can you ignore 500 million potential clients? If you ignore the market, you are just throwing money away.

In the old days, every business need a business address because you want your business to be known, at least city-wide. In the internet era, the business world becomes global. Every business don’t want just the next city to know, you would want to establish a presence to the next state, next country or even to the next continent. The business market has become an imaginable worldwide network.

Now, let’s answer the question. Here’s a straight answer on  Why Your Business Need a Website:


1. Large potential market

Like I said, there are 500 million potential clients worldwide. Let’s say you only get .001% of 500 million —- that’s 5,000 clients.

2. Minimize marketing costs

Anyone can just search your product or company in search engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) and go to your website. After browsing your site, he decided to buy your product. That’s almost 0 cost of marketing! You can just give your website address to anyone to know more about your business.

3. Sell products online

You can setup online store, let people buy online and ship their orders! You are not just saving money from electricity, space and sales person, you are saving their time as well as yours.

4. Connecting to customers

Want to make or keep regular customers? Get connected with them through your website. You can setup a contact page for them to send questions, feedback or just want to drop you a message. If gives your business an opportunity to build a people-oriented culture.